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Brave New World 9

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Chapter 1:
The novel begins in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre in the year 2540, in the book year A.F. 623 (this is 632 years after Ford has released the first T-ford car ). The D.H.C (Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning) is leading students through his Centre and introducing them the principles of the mass production of human beings. The human beings are divided up into five castes Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons by handling the eggs different for example with alcohol or X-rays.

Chapter 2:
In this Chapter, Mr. Foster shows the students and the D.H.C:, how they train the Deltas, that they hate reading books and flowers. They do that through electrical shocks and explosions. The reason is that lower castes are not supposed   to read books or get the love of flowers. After that they visit the Beta´s room where they see an example for an elementary class-consciousness, in which the Betas children are taught to be happy.

Chapter 3:
Takes place in the garden, where the children are encouraged to play erotic games. There is no morality in this world and people who aren't sexually active are considered outcasts. People are asked that they have to date more than one person at a time. Lenina is a typical girl for this society and she is considering to dating Bernard who is an outcast of the society. Bernard doesn't like it when the boys talk about Lenina as though she was meat, and he also doesn't enjoy taking soma (=the perfect drug which satisfy all the needs society could not fulfil) like everyone else.

Chapter 4:
Lenina and Bernard talk about their plan to visit the savage Reservation in New Mexico. After that Lenina is going to play Obstacle Golf with Henry Foster. So Bernard is uncertain about Lenina, because she wants to go on holiday with him but she spends the evening with Henry.
In this chapter Helmholtz has been introduced who is a genius writer who is adored by the women.

Chapter 5:
After the Obstacle Golf...


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