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This article is about the Special election that the Governor, Davel Patrick, held to find a person to fill in former Ted Kennedy seat as Senator, who passed away before his time as senator was up. The election was a "devasting blow" for the democrats who thought they were going to win over the republicans. Scott Brown, The new Senator of Massachusetts, ended up winning the election aganist Martha Coakley. This year was the first year that a republican has won seat as senate since 1972.
This article relates to the Constitution Article 1 Section 2 (filling vacancies) because it is the governors jobs to hold special elections when a member of the house leaves office before his or her time. In the article shows the governor holding the election and explains why the election was held.


the news article is about the health care bill that obama signed in to law making it the most significant legislative accomplishment of his presidency to date. showing that the bill was signed it shows that just as much as the bill did get passed it could of also not have been passed because the votes were fairly close, 219 to 212 demostrating that the potential damage could do to democrates from more moderate districts.

from the article, i found that it represented article 2 section 1, which says that the president is more responsible for executing or carrying out laws passed by congress. the article shows and talks about obama signing the new bill in to law.


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