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Autism 12

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It was a typical afternoon after work. I returned home after a trip to the supermarket. Christopher was lying on the sofa still dressed in his school uniform, playing with his favourite toy, the Rubik’s cube. I busied myself with lunch preparations. At a quarter pass one, the postman came along and dropped off the mail. “Christopher, could you go outside and get the mail please?” I said.   He went out and returned with a handful of letters. I quickly browse through the stack, bills, bills and more bills, I sighed. Amidst the stack was a big blue envelope from the education department that was addressed to Christopher. Concerned that it might be something of paramount importance, I hastily ripped open the envelope and I was left speechless by the contents of the letter. It was Christopher’s A level maths result slip.   I gazed at the result slip for ten minutes and still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Christopher had gotten an A grade. I turned to embrace him, feeling like the proudest mother on earth. He pushed me away really hard and fell over, ‘I’m so sorry Christopher, I forgot” I said.
That evening, I brought Christopher to Ed’s place because he wanted so badly to play with Sandy. Seating at one corner, I looked at my son and smiled to myself, he has indeed grown up. I showed Ed Christopher’s result slip and he was on cloud nine. “My son! My son! A level maths, 15 year old, A grade!”   He exclaimed.
I laughed and said, “You’re too overwhelmed with joy to even make a proper sentence!” He replied in an even more fervent voice and said” of course! This calls for a big celebration! Let’s all go out for dinner tonight! My treat!” I thought to myself, things were just going to get better.
A week later, I was at Ed’s place again as Christopher wanted to visit Sandy. Eileen dropped by and told Ed that she would not be pressing any charges against him for Wellington’s death. A visibly stunned Ed couldn’t stop thanking Eileen. She then said to Ed and I, “ Roger and...


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