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Personal Philosophy: an Outlook in Life

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Janessa Hurtig
Personal Philosophy
HHP 143
September 22, 2010

As we grow up, our outlook on life is constantly changing. When we are young, we are learning how to figure out how we fit into the world. I have found my place in the world where I belong so I am now trying to figure out the difference between good and evil. As a teacher, the question of good and evil is constantly being presented. My main role as a teacher is to keep the evil out of the classroom and present a controlled environment where learning is always the priority.
Being a physical education teacher is not as simple as it may seem. The most important goal I have for myself always present a better lesson than the day before. The only way I can do this is to stay organized and to always look for new information and techniques. This is consistent with my philosophy because staying organized helps maintain a controlled environment where learning is the priority.
The most important goal for my students is for them to show constant improvement in their skill level by the end of each class. I will know when they have reached this goal when they can complete the skill 10 times in a row with successful results. This is consistent with my philosophy because the students are always being coached and helped. Learning is still the main priority.
There are two things that I would never do in class. The first is when starting a new sport, such as basketball, I would never throw the basketballs out on the floor and tell them to play. This is inconsistent with my philosophy because the environment is not controlled and learning is the not the priority. The second would be to show up to class and tell the kids that they have a free day without any options of what they can do. This leads to mass chaos with no controlled environment.
My philosophy is pretty simple for physical education. I believe that the only way to get a class to go in the direction needed is to show the class what is going to...


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