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Several Reasons Why Teens Get Involved with Drugs

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Tania Gaytan

Teens that are involved with drugs have proven that they’re not as accurate as others.
They tend to just sit there and do nothing, when others are busy paying attention and getting their work done. Teens that are involved with drugs persuade and convince other teens to get involved too. A lot of teens do it for attention, and others just do to relieve pain, or just for fun. But they obviously don’t know the harm and consequences drugs can lead them to.
There are several reasons why teens get involved with drugs. One of the few is to “relief pain/stress”; I think that’s very immature. My response to that is they should get help, or counseling. How can drugs make you forget about your problems? They actually don’t, they only make you think about it more. Another reason why teens tend to smoke or do any type of drug is to be cool and to fit in. They think if they smoke or do drugs they’re considered cool and brave. It may be cool or seem fun for some people but really it’s not, it’s a really dumb decision.
If you ever think about starting to get involved with drugs, you should think twice. Then think about all the consequences that come with that choice. One big issue with drugs is that they make you really ignorant, and there’s a big chance of addiction. The problem with that is that you will lose interest in studying and in your future cause you’ll just be so focused on drugs. Another consequence is that most drugs are illegal. They mess up your life, your career, and it may even affect your future. You may also become more carless. The most important thing is that it will change your personal, and you can lose a lot of close friends and the people you really care about. You will even let them down, most importantly your parents! They will be very disappointed and hurt to know that they’re son/daughter is doing drugs or is...


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