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Healthy Behaviors: Physical Activity and Nutrition

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Healthy Behaviors: Physical Activity and Nutrition

Elderly people should be more conscious regarding their health, daily exercise, and nutritional habits. Many elderly people are aware of what their body need and do exercise but the majority still doesn’t see it as a priority. Healthy aging start by improving eating habits. Also Physical exercise benefits seniors more than any other group. A regular program of exercise for an elderly improves conditioning and helps prevent chronic diseases. It can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, like osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. It is actually a natural pain reliever for people who suffering from arthiers.

      As physical activities and exercises can improve elderly people health and their well-being, there are several designed types of physical activity that can prevent from falling and improve mobility and flexibility. For example, Balance activities can help to maintain posture and balance to prevent elderly from falling. It is also helpful for elderly who are at risk for bone fracture. Another exercise is stretching which helps to ease movement, improve flexibility and prevent muscle strain and injury.   There are many physical activity programs that are suitable for every fitness level, even inactive elder individuals. One of these programs is called Foundation Exercise Program; it is designed to reduce pain and stiffness by keeping joints flexible and muscles strong. Another program is called “Be Fit over Fifty”; this program is designed to help elderly to find a safe, effective, and enjoyable way to exercise at home. The Be Fit Over Fifty is a series of exercise tapes & DVD's that designed to meet the varied needs of the adult and elderly people. All of the programs are fun to do and easy to follow with a soundtrack of upbeat popular swing music in the background.

      Along with frequent exercise, elderly people should follow healthy eating habits. A healthy food can protect...


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