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Improving Their Memories

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What are some people can do to improve their memories?

Some people get many problems while memorizing something. However there are some methods which can help people to raise their memorizing skills. First is repeating. Also finding the relationships between words or meanings can improve their memories. Finally changing their habits, such as food or sleeping, can help people well too.

First of all, repeating can be very helpful while memorizing. There are some ways to repeat. We can say it many times or write many times. We can read many times until it is memorized. Also we can memorize once and check it again, to make sure that we are memorizing well, after 1 hour or 1 day. When we repeat this action, it can be completely memorized.

Furthermore, we can use relationships between things that we have to memorize. For example, when we have to memorize apple, pineapple, coconut, and banana, We can find relationships between them. The first relationship is that they are all fruits. Also we can arrange them in to alphabet order; apple, banana, coconut, and pineapple. Another relationship is that when we think of an apple, we can think of a pineapple because pineapple has apple inside it. Like this, when we use some relationships, we can memorize easier.

Finally, we can change some habits. Some people sleep less. And some studies have shown that sleeping less can effect memorizing. So in order to improve memories, we have to sleep enough. Also studies have shown that there are some foods that can help you to memorize well, such as beans, eggs, nuts, or some food which contains vitamin C. Changing habits can effect memorizing.

To sum up, to improve the memories, we can try repeating, use relationships, and changing habits. Like this, when we change our methods a little, we can be better at memorizing something.


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