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Terrorism in Pakistan

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The characteristics of engineers as managers are:1. Promote an ethical climate, through framing organization policies, responsibilities and bypersonal attitudes and obligations.2. Resolving conflicts, by evolving priority, developing mutual understanding, generating variousalternative solutions to problems.3. Social responsibility to stakeholders, customers and employers. They act to develop wealthas well as the welfare of the society. Ethicists project the view that the manager’s responsibilityis only to increase the profit of the organization, and only the engineers have the responsibilityto protect the safety, health, and welfare of the public. But managers have the ethicalresponsibility to produce safe and good products (or useful service), while showing respectfor the human beings who include the employees, customers and the public. Hence, theobjective for the managers and engineers is to produce valuable products that are alsoprofitable.

5.5.2 Managing Conflicts
In solving conflicts, force should not be resorted. In fact, the conflict situations should be tolerated,understood, and resolved by participation by all the concerned. The conflicts in case of project managersarise in the following manners:
A.Conflicts based on schedules: This happens because of various levels of execution, priorityand limitations of each level.
B.Conflicts arising out of fixing the priority to different projects or departments. This is to bearrived at from the end requirements and it may change from time to time.
C.Conflict based on the availability of personnel.
D.Conflict over technical, economic, and time factors such as cost, time, and performancelevel.
E.Conflict arising in administration such as authority, responsibility, accountability, and logisticsrequired.
F.Conflicts of personality, human psychology and ego problems.
G.Conflict over expenditure and its deviations.Most of the conflicts can be resolved by following...


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