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Viking Longships

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Why were Viking Longships so Important to Viking Society?

Viking Longships and their Importance to Viking Society.
The longship is most likely the one important distinguished symbol of the Viking age. It puts into terms the authority the Vikings held on the maritime areas of central Europe and Northern America. So central was the longship in the society of the Vikings, Viking leaders habitually decided to be buried in the aquatic landscape that surrounded them in their ship.
The Longships of the Vikings were utilised for numerous purposes and were deliberately made according to their anticipated use. The longship is the best known Viking boat. Longships were personalised by their terrifyingly-engraved figureheads, often with a serpent or dragon. The largest longships could carry more than sixty rowers, as well dozens of soldiers. Longships were also employed for trade and discovery. The Vikings were long distance travellers. Viking voyagers may even have reached the shores of North America before the eleventh century by which time they had colonies in North Africa, Brittania, Normandy, France, Constantinople, Italy and some minor islands in between the Norwegian and North seas.
The first Longships were fashioned at the conclusion of the Ice Age (6,000BC). Animal skin was expanded over a timber structure on the initial boats and these blueprints have been found in prehistoric art. These little vessels were perfect for piloting creeks but not adequate for sea travel. Later, more superior crafts were created using flat timber, fixed firmly with iron fasteners. The last add-on in the progression of longship blueprint was the sail. This led to a boost in sailing muscle which refined the Viking’s sea journey, making it faster, easier and safer.
Many of the Viking attacks took place around the eighth and tenth centuries. The invasions seem to be associated to an increase in the inhabitants of the Scandinavian lands during this time, which may have put additional...


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