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Destiny or Coincidence

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Destiny or Co-incidence

      On 14th of august, a simple middle class photographer, after having breakfast, leaves his home for work, not knowing what the day would bring to him. He heads for the local railway station by which he goes to his workshop everyday. While awaiting his train he notices a man sitting few benches away. The man looks a little mysterious by his dressing. He wears a tuxedo and a black hat. He was carrying a black shining suitcase and seemed to be extra protective about it. He noticed that the man was talking to himself.
      As he was noticing him, the train arrived on the platform. Being of a curious mind the photographer boarded the same compartment as the mysterious man did. After the train commenced its journey the man settled down and kept the suitcase next to his seat. Being a photographer by profession, he could not resist himself from taking the man’s photo. He portrayed as though he was capturing the scenic beauty. On the third station, the man got down the train but he left his suitcase behind. The photographer was sure now that there has to be something wrong with the man. He picked up the suitcase and ran after him. He followed the man for a while until he disappeared amongst the crowd.
      The photographer could not believe he had lost the person. At that time the suitcase was in his hands and feared that he would be associated with its content. As the crowd dispersed and left the station, he sat on a bench and started thinking all sorts of possibilities about what might be in the suitcase. It was not heavy and seemed to be locked. As it was 14th of august, he thought he might have been trapped into a terrorist activity. He thought of going to the police and reporting the incident but then feared that he would be associated with the person and would invite trouble his way.
      He then remembered that his friend, who was an Indian army soldier, was in town for his vacation. He finally decided to visit him and take his...


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