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Purification and Change Represent Major Themes in the Crucible

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“The process of purification and change represents the major themes in the Crucible”
Discuss this statement critically and argue the merits/demerits of the quote

The themes of purification and change is one of the major themes of the book hence the title the crucible. A crucible is an instrument which is used to purify and change metals.
While undergoing this severe test, Reverend Parris changes into a man totally different from who he once was.   In the beginning of the play, Reverend Parris is a greedy, haughty and a prideful man who thinks he should have power over everything, including the church.   His greediness is evident when John Proctor describes how Reverend Parris demanded they have gold candlesticks in the church, when before, pewter candlesticks were acceptable.   Another sign of Reverend Parris’s greediness is when he argues that he does not receive enough pay, does not get the firewood he deserves, and that he needs the deed to his house. However, he begins to feel remorseful and swallows his pride.   This is shown when he begins to feel guilty about hanging all the citizens of good name in town, as well as when he realizes Abigail is not the saint she seems.
During these times of trial, Reverend Hale of Beverly is called into Salem due to the assumed witch craft that was going on.   Reverend Hale was a boastful man with knowledge and training in the demonic arts, and arrived at Salem full of pride believing that he can easily defeat the witches.   He easily believed Abigail Williams and the others and immediately sends people to the gallows for accused witch craft. However, after he meets with Proctor and Goody Proctor because Goody Proctor was accused. He realized that he has been condemning innocent people to their graves by believing Abigail Williams’s and the stories of all the other girls that cry witchcraft.   He change from a prideful man...


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