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Sweet Death

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Sweet Death
“Don't cry mom. I love you, and everything will be okay. I'll get to see Donny again soon. Never forget me and how much I love you.”
I was sixteen when I faced the biggest challenge of my life, the death of my oldest brother, and the choice of life or death. My brother didn't get a choice, but I did, and death was my choice. I was close to my oldest brother, the closest of all my siblings, I loved him, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. That was the problem. Its not that I couldn't IMAGINE my life without him, its that I couldn't LIVE my life without him, he was the only one I talked too, he was my brother, my best friend, my rock. The only one in this world that could truly bring me back from the deepest depths of depression, and then one day he was just gone. That one day, the worst day of my life, the day that would forever be burned into my mind. It was like I was seeing the world in slow motion, his face was something that would never go out of my mind, something that I would remember for as long as I lived. The face of that Officer was a twisted image of sorrow, and grief, I could see that he was truly sorry for what he was about to have to say. I saw this out of my window, but I wanted to hear what he said with my own ears, hear the pain, hear the words that would later bring my own death.
I walked to my front door, and got there before the officer was there, I opened the door. He was only on the first step of our porch, he was looking at his feet, and I guess he heard the door open, because he paused, for only a moment, to take a deep breath. I could tell he didn't want to deliver then news that he had, he knew how close I was to my brother, and I knew this, because as soon as he lifted his face, I realized that I knew that face looking back at me. This office standing before me, was my brothers best friend, Lieutenant Ryan Evans, someone who was feeling the same pain that my family was about to face.
“Hello Samantha. You know...


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