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Breath Eyes Memory

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Breath, Eyes, Memory

      “The Marassas were two inseparable lovers. They were the same person, duplicated in two. They looked the same, talked the same, and walked the same. When you love someone, you want him to be closer than your Marassas; you want him to be your soul. The love between a mother and a daughter is deeper than the sea. You and I could be like Marassas (pg. 85 Danticat).” That is what Sophie’s mom said to her when she found out that Joseph proposed to Sophie. This Quote demonstrates how deep the love Martine has for Sophie. Breath, Eyes, Memory is a Novel about a girl named Sophie who is taken from her mother when she is just a baby. She lives in Haiti with her grandmother and Atie. Through her life she deals with trying to find herself and her reason for being on earth.
      The title of the novel explains a lot about the theme of the book. Breath, eyes, memory is about the past, present, and future. Often people keep memories close to them because it once made them happy, but they might also keep memories because of how much pain it caused them. When Sophie is taken away from her mother as a baby, she remembers seeing a picture of her mother and wanting to crawl into the picture to be next to her, she longed for her mother’s love. I enjoyed this part because it shows how much Sophie wanted to be with her mother and that she loved her. In ways I can relate because my mother was ill since I was a child and there were many times I wished I could do certain things with her, but knew I couldn’t. While reading this novel I realized that past has to do a lot with who a person becomes in the future. All the things you go through make you who you are today.
      “I call it humiliation. I hate my body. I am ashamed to show it to anybody, including my husband. Sometimes I feel like I should be off somewhere by myself. (pg. 123 Danticat)” Sophie is saying this as she talks to her grandmother. She still carries the pain of when her mother use to...


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