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The Lion King

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Part #1:

Reflection the movie, “The Lion King”, and answer the following:

  1. How are the themes below demonstrated in the movie? (Four points for each section)


  Creation is the beginning where everything is perfect and good is prevailing over evil. So in the movie “The Lion King”, the creation was when Simba was born in a loving society. Also, when Mufasa was still the king and ruled his kingdom with respect and loyalty to his people, and dignity for himself. Additionally, the creation was when the land was green with all the animals living in peace and harmony, and finally when he tells Simba that he will become king one day.


  De-creation is when evil defeats goodness. So in the movie “The Lion King”, de-creation started when Scar tempts Simba to go to the elephant graveyard where his father strictly told him not to go. So Simba disobeys his father and goes to the restricted are and brings Nala along. Also de-creation occurs when Scar plans to kill Simba and Mufasa by a stamped but only manages to devour Mufasa. And it occurs when Simba loses his confidence and runs away from home thinking that his father died because of him when scar killed him. So Scar takes over the kingdom and the land becomes lifeless.


  Re-creation is when goodness once again over powers the evil and throws it away. So in the movie “The Lion King”, re-creation is shown when the baboon finds out that Simba is still alive and dances for joy. This is also shown when Nala finds Simba and finally after all those years she sees light at the end of the tunnel. Re-creation is also shown when the baboon showed Simba where to find his father and with the courage that his father gave him, Simba returned to his people. Finally, re-creation is shown when Simba defeated Scar and rightfully claimed his throne as King and retrieved the life and greenery of his kingdom.

  2. What are the similarities between...


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