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Alcohol and Tobacco Should Be Banned

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Picture this, 3 year old Jonathan fights for his life everyday because he is diagnosed with asthma caused by his mother’s daily abuse of smoking. One day, he is being rushed to the hospital from a terrorizing asthma attack he had during school. Three hours later, he recovers from his attack and his mom is driving him home. While the street light turns green, the mother presses on the gas pedal, BAMB! The car is totaled, “Jonathan?! JONATHAN?!” … no response. Jonathan was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver who passed a red light. If we didn’t allow for these substances to be legal, this would have never happened. We should band alcohol and nicotine like other drugs.
      Just like all the other drugs are illegal, alcohol and nicotine should also be illegal, especially because they are more dangerous to us! Shouldn’t any substance that can cause damage be banned? It’s like picking your own poison, not only is that insane, but we are “picking” or letting the most dangerous ones be legal! British experts evaluated substances including alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and marijuana, ranking them on how destructive they are. Overall, alcohol and nicotine were found to be one of the deadliest ones. Not only are they deadly, but the urge to use these substances is very high. “When heavily dependent users of cocaine are asked to compare the urge to cocaine with the urge to smoke cigarettes, about 45% say the urge to smoke is as strong or stronger then that for cocaine,” states the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Keep in mind that cocaine is an illegal drug, while nicotine isn’t, yet studies show that the urge to smoke is the same as or stronger than cocaine.
It not only use, its abuse. Alcohol consummation can become an addiction. Drug addictions can really affect your personal life. British researchers discovered that these substances had a role in breaking up families and being economically costly, such as: health care, social...


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