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Violence - Short Essay

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The human civilization has long live with the acts of violence. 5 million years ago, when the first man ever lives on earth; violence is the only method of survival he was able to cope with life. With various kinds of dangerous creatures, it is understandable how difficult life at that time was. The God has shown to us how we should deal with our lives. A cat which has given birth to little kittens would hiss if we are to touch her kittens: a sense of protectiveness and love for others should have been born within us. Unfortunately, violence still happens even to this day. Wars are still going on at some part of the world without our conscience. Violence has been glorified in the past and if I am to write down the names of heroes, unending names of violent people, who had killed their fellow human, would be listed.
In this fast-paced world, we, as human beings are taught to appreciate life not only human lives, but also that of animals and plants –yes, we really should value our plants- A huge variety of species has been known to be wiped out of the earth surface, one good example is the dodo bird. Many animals has been listed as endangered species, for instance the Mekong Giant Catfish, Pandas, the sun bears, the Sumatran tigers and the polar bears. Once this species become extinct like the dodo bird, they will never be seen by our next generations. Therefore since the last decade we have started methods of conservation of animals; by providing forests reserves, the zoos, special and breeding programs for animals.


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