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American History X

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Brittny Miller
Darrick Silkman
Eng 1020
29 March 2011
American History X
From Al Capone to the Bloods and Crypts people have both feared and idolized gangs in America.   On the silver screen they have once again captured these feelings.   And they have done so with the movie American History X.
American History X is set in Venice Beach California in the early 90's.   This is where we meet Danny Vineyard (Edward Furlong), a 17 year old high school student on the day his brother Derrick Vineyard (Edward Norton) is released from prison for his hate crimes on three Bloods.   We follow Danny as he explains what led his brother to these crimes and how Derrick is trying to change Danny's views on racism.   This drama is one of the best in its decade.
The story line in the movie was very well written.   Even though it jumps around from past to present it is very easy to follow unlike other movies I've seen with the same style of writing.   Also, what I liked was that there was a set climax in the movie.   In other dramas that I have seen there was always an uncertainty about which climax was actually the climax.   The plot of the movie was also awesome.   The plot was very straight forward about the message and the storyline.   The pace of the movie was fast.   There wasn't a slow part where you would think, hey I should get up and get some popcorn.   No, you are glued to the screen watching, anticipating the next move.
The acting in American History X was great.   Norton and Furlong draw you into the movie to the point of actually feeling   that you are in the movie.   The only flaw I could find was that in the end Norton couldn't actually produce tears for his dead brother.   Other than that great acting.   Every actor portrayed his/her character very well.   Even the inexperienced actors/ actresses were very impressive.  
The background music in the movie really set the tone that it was a suspenseful drama.   For example, when Derrick is killing all the Bloods in the bite...


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