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Event Planning

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Event planning is the most interesting and rewarding career.   Event planning is a fast pace work environment for people interested in organization, communication, and interpersonal interaction.   Event planners can find work in a variety of different types of events ranging from weddings to small gatherings.   Event planning is a difficult field to break into, not only because of the large range of schooling needed, but also the irregular work hours and immense travel connected to the job.   Within the industry of event planning, employers prefer their employees to have on-the-job training and a Bachelors degree in either hospitality management, customer services, or meeting management.   The event planning industry has become more profitable and better known through out recent years.

  Event planning consists of several different purposes such as education, celebration, and promotion.   To be an event coordinator, one must learn to have good organization, know how to acquire and retain valuable resources, and have a great sense of communicational confidence.   Organization skills are an important part of event planning because they help establish an event outline, and assist an event planner in the actual event process.   Helpful and reliable resources are an extremely important part in event planning because event coordinators pull ideas for food, entertainment and décor straight out of them.   If resources are unreliable, it could be detrimental towards the overall outcome of the event, and the reputation of the events’ coordinator.   The ability to communicate well is greatly important because an event planners’ number one job is to give the client what he/she is looking for in their event.   Event coordinators have to be able to listen to what a client wants verbally and create that vision physically and memorably.  

    There are a number of different purposes for an event planner to plan an event.   The most common reasons for events are large celebrations such...


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