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Ender's Game

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From writing letters, to calling people on telephones, to sending emails, to texting people, and now typing something on a social network, communication has changed greatly. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card shows us how children, teenagers, and adults communicate with each other when there isn’t a lot of friendliness going around. Everyone communicates in a different way, some people through violence, love, or anger, some people choose not to communicate at all. It just depends on the person.
Mankind has made contact with an alien race known as “buggers”. The buggers have attempted to invade earth twice having been beaten the second time by a man named Mazer Rackham. The threat of the third invasion looms over the earth. The worlds most talented children, including the extraordinary Ender Wiggin, are taken into battle School at a very young age. To become commanders for the expected Third Invasion. Ender is claimed to be the new Mazer Rackham the one to destroy the bugger forever.
Ender has two siblings Peter and Valentine. Peter is violent and aggressive, Valentine is loving and kind. Ender is the mix between both his brother and sister. The International Fleet(I.F.) thought that Peter was to aggressive but Valentine was to passive. So they made Ender he has both his brother and sisters characteristics. The way Peter communicates with Ender is through violence, Valentine communicates with him by showing him love and affection. It is very clear that Peter dislikes his brother and sister yet, Ender despite all the bad things Peter has done to Ender, he still wants Peter to love him. He wants Peter to communicate with him the way Valentine does. A fact that Ender comes to realize is he never will. Valentine on the other hand has always communicated with him in a nice way showing him love telling him that he is not like Peter.
“ ‘I could kill you like this’ Peter said ‘ just press and press until you’re dead. And I could say...


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