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Adolf Hitler: a Great Ruler or a Murderer?

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Adolf Hitler, to some, was a great ruler, but to others he was a murderer. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and was the dictator of Germany. He ordered to have millions of Jews murdered or thrown in prisons. Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889, in a small town in Australia called Branuan.Hitler's hate for Jews and Slavs grew and became fiercely nationalistic. In 1913 he moved to Munich, Germany to become part of the Australian Army. World War I began August 1914 and Hitler immediately signed for the Germany Army and was accepted. He served as a messenger When Germany surrendered to her enemies in November 1918. Hitler was angered and felt compelled to save Germany. In the Autumn of 1919, Hitler attended meetings of the Germany Workers Party. This party was soon known as the Nazi party. Hitler was chosen as the leader because he was a skillful politician and organizer Hitler proclaimed a Nazi revolution or a putch. And was arrested and sentenced to five years in jail. While Hitler was in jail he wrote the Mein Kamph which means My Struggle. The book revealed his beliefs and ideas for Germany's government and his plans on taking over Europe. He believed that Germans were superior humanity and Hitler wanted to keep Germany pure. He said Jews and Slavs were the evils of the world. In December 1924, Hitler was released after serving only nine months. In 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany. Hitler became dictator and received full power of Germany.With the Nazi party controlling the country was found to have the least rights to citizens. Thousands of Jews decided to leave their homes. The Jews who stayed were forced into concentration camps Hitler set up organizations to train children military discipline and loyalty to the country andwere taught to spy on their families and report on anti-Nazi criticism. Hitler began to build the army so it was ready to fight. In 1938 Hitler took over Australia ,Czechoslovakia. ,Poland starting World War 2. Britain and...


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