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Comparison Essay Between Dom Casmurro & the House of the Spirits

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Whether we realize it or not, the actions we take and the words we speak always have some kind of an impact on our lives in the future.   The decisions we make when we are younger hint at what is in store for us in the future.   In The House of the Spirits and Dom Casmurro, one can see a common similarity between the two books.   In both of them, the literary element of foreshadowing is used as a hint to readers of what is to come later on in the novel.   Small events that take place in the novels have a major impact on the outcome of major events that take place later on in the novel.   There are many things that the characters say or do that signify more important events that occur later in their lives.   The small events in life that may not seem important at the time end up having a large impact on ones life.   In Dom Casmurro and The House of the Spirits, the small events that take place prove to have a larger affect on love in a marriage, the struggles a family must overcome, and the fate of a person.
The majority of people in the world experience love at some point in a lifetime, and it may have a large impact on a person.   In The House of the Spirits and Dom Casmurro, what the characters do in their early love life, has an affect on their life later on and the entire novel.   In the chapter Undertow Eyes in Dom Casmurro, Bentinho first notices the mysteriousness of Capitu’s eyes and the affect that they can have over a person.   “They held some kind of mysteriousness, active fluid, a force that dragged one in, like the undertow of a wave retreating from the shore on stormy days.” (63)   This mysteriousness he senses at a young age signifies what is to come later in Bentinho’s life when he suspects her of cheating on him.   He can’t find the truth in her undertow eyes because there is something about them that still confuses him just as they did when he was younger.   This uncertainty about her eyes ends up ruining their marriage because he cannot accept the fact that...


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