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Life on the Moon

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Life on the Moon is great. The reason why you study the past, extinct, animals is because they can tell you a lot about the future. It tells us how the environment affects species of today, and what to expect with the current generations of species. It helps us to know how we can help nature, but at the same time, how we can harm them; what not to do.
Organisms go extinct for many different reasons. Some that come naturally through "survival of the fittest," and some from humans wrong doings. As humans we strived to protect animals and not harm them. But humans make mistakes, and animals do go extinct. Us humans created it impossible for species to live in a number of ways. First off and the largest thing that humans did to kill off species is that we destroyed species habitats. Also humans over-hunted certain species leading to extinction or not only that species but possibly many others because of the disruption in the food chain. So that just multiplies the human mistake making the effect even more catastrophic. You see extinction is completely natural and has been happening since the beginning of life. But when us humans came into the equation, everything changed. Animal extinction when up exponentially. But what was the result of this you ask? Well, at first it seemed to be nothing. But as time went on we started to realize that these animals provide us with food, with clothing, and a balanced ecosystem. All of these vital to life itself. That's why we moved to the moon! Theres not enough resources anymore.
If only we could have saved earth while we had a chance. We should have respect the animals and there space and shouldn't have over hunted certain populations. We should have passed laws forbidding such things. If only we all would have known what kind of a mess Earth would become. We should've found ways alternative places to live, and different animals to kill. We just didn't have the order and recognition to make these things happen. If we all would...


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