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Shanghai Expo

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Last summer, I went to the Shanghai Expo. I had a great time there. However there is one thing that impressed me most, you guys may guess it, yes, it was so crowded.
Today I want to share my experience of going to the Saudi pavilion.
Before going to Shanghai, we chose several pavilions which we must enter. Of course, as everyone said the Saudi pavilion was wonderful, we decided to visit it.
The night before that day, my friends and I had a discussion; we chose which gate to go and the nearest route.
It was 4:30 that everyone got up; we had a quick breakfast and jumped into a taxi.
Not until 6 o’clock, we arrived at the gate 5. What shocked me is that the lines were already quite long. I felt a little depressed; but when I looked back a few minutes later, I found there were so many people waiting behind me.
The weather was hot and it was very crowded. One little girl even got a sunstroke. We just waited for 7 o’ clock. It was the time for pre-check.
At 7 o’ clock, wow you can’t imagine that situation. Everybody was crazy, even old ladies. I just needn’t move spontaneously, I was totally moved by others. They pushed and jostled. Shall I call it a fighting, I don’t know.
Finally I saw the pre-check gates, but there were more than one gate, since my mind was already blank and everybody was running, I felt at a loss.
Thank god, I saw one of my friends. But why her gate was a little empty. I had no time to think it we entered a wrong gate; I just wanted to be with her.
God really blessed us, we very lucky. Most people chose the side gates, so this middle gate seemed empty. Anyhow, we were in the front place.
Since we need to wait until 9 o’ clock, we just sat down to have a relax. My friend found her sandal was broken; you may imagine how fierce that moment was.
At 8:50, we packed up our belongings and stand up. We even did some warm-up knowing we had a more difficult time to go. I was nervous.
At 9 o’ clock, after the check-out, it’s time for running! I...


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