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Sociology: Perspectives and Methods

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Sociology is the study of society, social life, and the causes and consequences of human social behavior. Sociology encompasses many aspects of life and civilization. We begin to learn what “social rules” are acceptable and fit in at a young age. By the time we are adults we go about them without even thinking about it. What exactly does the term sociology mean though? The definition of sociology is the scientific study of human behavior, social groups, and society. This term came from Auguste Comte (1798-1857) who is considered the founder of sociology. Another logical study that could be added to sociology is social life. Social life is the study of interpersonal relationships, all groups or collections of persons, and all types of social organizations. Sociologists often find themselves asking five questions in order to start studies: How do groups influence individual human behavior? What are the causes and consequences of a particular system of social order? What social factors contribute to a particular social change? What purpose is served by a particular social organization? What are the causes and consequences of a particular social system?
Sociology is not limitless and expands even broader into the studies of racial and ethnic relationships, prejudice, power and politics, jobs and income, families and family life, school systems and the educational process, social control, organizations, bureaucracies, groups and group dynamics, leisure, health care systems, military systems, women’s movements, and labor movements. Sociology is a unique study in the fact that it teaches people to look outside of their box or own world and put on what is called a “social imagination”. Social Imaginations are qualities of mind that allow us to understand the influence history and biography on our interactive processes. Putting on this imagination will bring about different perspective and aids in teaching. Just like this imagination we need to bring on a social...


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