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Guns Dont Kill People, People Kill People

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Guns don’t Kill People, People kill People

It is important these days to have some way to protect your family in a house hold emergency. If that means to have a tazer, bat, or a gun to defend your children if necessary from a home intruder. I believe that every house hold should have a firearm somewhere for self defense.  
Many believe that guns kill people but someone has to pull the trigger and wish ill intentions on another soul for a death to accrue. If guns kill people wouldn’t pens misspell words then for you? The blame just doesn’t make since because you have to get passed many decisions to make the action accrue. In order for the event to rely on drastic decisions such as picking up a weapon to defend yourself, you have to take several steps in order to do so. If your life is in danger you resort to “where is my weapon to defend myself?” Check if there is a bullet in the chamber, point the gun in this case. If you are sure of your target then take the safety off and squeeze the trigger. Those are just the basics, but there are still six steps that you have to intentionally be thinking or wanting to do in order to protect yourself and shoot or harm someone.
Dually noted our country has far too many accidently and unwanted incidents. Part of the responsibility of having a gun is to teach your children that guns are not toys but tools. Since I could remember my father would tell me “tools are for using and toys are for playing, don’t play with tools”. The majority of our country’s entertainment is based on violence. It is a true crime to put knowledge of “shoot and get the bad guys” into a Childs head without explaining. Every child plays “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and Indians” at some point in their life. Even with a toy gun it is not ok to point the barrel at someone. You tell your kids to make imaginary bad guys so not once does your child point their “weapon” at someone. The simple lesson is an important example which is a template for later...


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