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Poor Education

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Education is a tool for achieving sustainability. People around the world believe that highly educated systems can help one country more prosperous with high rate of development and talent. However, some countries today have lower education than the others. Poor education has left serious effects on many aspects like short-term, long-term to society and even themselves-the young people.
      Studying is the best way for attaining knowledge. Because of low education, many young people are facing with a lot of difficulties in their life. They lack of basic knowledge that help them can survive in society. With such circumstance, they cannot find any good jobs with high salary; they must do manual jobs such as porters or bricklayer …for making end meet.   It’s very important for young people to study and receive more lessons in their life. Over a lifetime, an 18 year old who does not complete high school earns approximately less than an individual with a high school diploma and contributes less in lifetime . When they don’t have any experiences, knowledge, they and their families cannot enjoy high standard of living as expected.
      The effect of poor education not only impacts on the young people themselves but also social impact, especially on short-term effects. Poor education and criminal activities have close relationship to each other that are harmful for our society. The children who grow up without guidance and education often turn to crime because they’re unable to find legitimate form of employment. In addition, when the rate of unemployment   increase, local authorities must pay a lot from the policy of unemployment benefits and many other benefits. Better education provides more opportunities for young people and offers greater rewards than criminal activities.
      Long-term effects are the ultimate affect that poorly educated systems brought for our society. Because education determined the quality of labor force, the lower education attainment ,...


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