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                    BR.100 Application Setup - Order Management

                    MESC / MEFC

                    Order Management

                    Author: ABCD

                    Creation Date: June 7, 2003

                    Last Updated: June 18 2003

                    Document Ref: Ref

                    Version: FINAL

    N Title, Subject, Last Updated Date, Reference Number, and Version are marked by a Word Bookmark so that they can be easily reproduced in the header and footer of documents.   When you change any of these values, be careful not to accidentally delete the bookmark.   You can make bookmarks visible by selecting Tools->Options…View and checking the Bookmarks option in the Show region.

                    |XYZ Project Manager                                   |                                                           |
|MESC/ MEFC Project Representatives                     |                                                           |
|MESC/ MEFC Module Owner                               |                                                           |
|MESC/ MEFC Project Manager                             |                                                           |
|MESC/ MEFC Project Sponsor                             |                                                           |

    N To add additional approval lines, press [Tab] from the last cell in the table above.


    N You can delete any elements of this cover page that you do not need for your document.   For example, Copy Number is only required if this is a controlled document and you need to track each copy that you distribute.

Change Record


|Date           |Author                     |Version       |Change Reference                                         |
|               |                           |             |...


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