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Marie Antoinette - Essay

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Nadia Hucko
Mod 2 History

“If they have no bread, then let them eat cake!” said Marie Antoinette
when she and her husband King Louis the XVI were supporting the
monarchy against reforms of the French Revolution. Some people say
during the French Revolution that she was growing financial problems
within France; but actually she reduced it. She got rid of most of the
servants within her kingdom and eliminated many unnecessary items;  
Although Marie Antoinette is often criticized for being an awful queen; I
think differently. In my opinion, her lifestyle, fashion, and marriage were
all interesting.  

Marie Antoinette was born on November 2nd 1755 in Vienna, Austria. Her
parents’ names were Francis Stephen I and Maria Theresa. People say that
Marie was the youngest and most beautiful daughter that her parents had
had. Marie was the eleventh daughter of Francis and Maria. Marie’s
parents raised her believing that she would one day become the Queen of
France. On May 16th, 1770 Marie Antoinette married Louis-Auguste,
dauphin of France at age fourteen and Louis was fifteen. They married by
proxy at the Augustine Church in Vienna but the real wedding was in
France where Marie crossed the border two days after the marriage in
Vienna. Their actual wedding was in Versailles in the Chapel Royal. Marie’s
dress was exquisite with many petals and diamonds. Four years after their
marriage when Marie was only nineteen, Louis’ grandfather the King of
France had died. The next in line was King Louis to become King of France
and his wife Marie Antoinette as France’s queen. There were some ups
and some downs during her rein and some maybe not what she excepted.

At the beginning of her reign, she was well known and even loved. The
people of France loved the fact of having a new queen and starting
“fresh.” Marie through extravagant parties, and the hosts received
unbelievable gifts at the end of...


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