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Trapped in Death Cave Book Report

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My name is Brian. I am going to tell you about the time I went to my family’s old cabin in Oklahoma. My friend Gary also has a big house near to our cabin. I‘m hoping he is going to be there, but his grandpa recently died in fishing accident, so he may not be around. Luckily for me, Gary was at his house. It would be boring at the cabin without him! Gary secretly told me his grandpa was not killed in an accident! He believed someone had murdered him! Gary wanted my help to figure out who killed his grandpa.

Gary has been my best friend for a while. He is a cool kid. I trust him and he trusts me. I needed to help him find the truth behind the killing of his grandpa. Gary thinks that his grandpa got killed because he was searching for gold.   Gary had showed me a letter he found that belonged to his grandpa. It told a tale about how the Indians and the white men fought over gold that was cursed by the evil spirits. It also talked about maps of a place called Death Cave, where the gold was hidden. To me this letter sounded like a lot of rubbish, but Gary was convinced this had something to do with grandpa’s death.

      I tried to convince Gary to get help from Odie Ralston, the sheriff. He was a weird man who liked money almost as much as he liked food. Gary didn’t like Odie so decided to ask Mrs. Becker if she would help. The only problem there was everyone thought Mrs. Becker was a witch. She lived in the spookiest house ever.

      There was no way I was going to go near her place. But Gary made me go with him. We sneaked into her place but she saw us. I have never run so fast in my life! The old woman had an axe in her hand. What if she chopped us into bits! Luckily we got away. Gary and I ended up fighting. We fought so bad that we landed in the sewer. When we got home our parents were so mad with us and grounded us for three days. Now how were we supposed to find the gold and truth!



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