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The Enigma

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The Enigma by De Mario Nash
The Mayans predicted that the world would end in December 21, 2012 and apparently they were right because it did end. My name is Ethan Matthews and I am one of the survivors of the end of the world. Before we even made it to the space shuttles we encountered a series of natural disasters which was one of the reasons why most of the world died. Other reasons for the world’s death were the typical everyman for themselves scenario and the carefree attitude. I saw horrible things such as parts of the earth crumbling and buildings falling on helpless babies. Approximately 2 million people survived the destruction of earth by travelling in large space shuttles to a new planet in a mysterious solar system. It took ten years before we discovered the new planet. At one point we all gave up hope of living because our supplies were running out as well as our patience. Without any delay the planet was named “Enigma” because of how strange it was to us humans.    
After five months on our new planet people found unknown plants and creatures living in certain oceans but evidently they weren’t harmless. Some of the plants and creatures were similar to those of earth. All of the water bodies tasted sweet instead of salty and humans found it strange because water bodies on earth were salty. Even though the planet was strange it looked beautiful. The people adored this strange planet called Enigma
The first political meeting was held as soon as things didn’t seem satisfactory. The new president of the new world, Hilary Clinton said, “People of our new planet Enigma don’t fret my colleagues and I are trying our best to retain our technological world without the crime and violence. You have to understand we can’t just magically make things better in a matter of minutes so we need your patience and support.”
A civilian replied to the statement, “We understand that you are trying your best but we would like it if you could put out more effort.”...


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