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Analyse How the Structure Helps Your Understand a Character

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V for Vendetta
Analyse how the structure helps you understand a character
Barack Obama once said “The true strength of our country comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals.” This quote shows the power of ideas and thus their ability to change the world as does the film V for Vendetta by James McTeigue. This message is portrayed through the protagonist, Evey Hammond through her development throughout. From the beginning the structure helps the viewer understand the character of Evey and therefore elucidates the theme of how ideas can change the world to the viewer. The techniques of the audio track, costuming and special effects are used to show the development of Evey Hammond.
Non-diegetic audio is used in the opening scene of the film due to Evey’s voice over of the scene of Guy Fawkes being hung. This being the initial scene introduces us to Evey through her voice and also shows that the following scenes of the film are a very long flashback. This could be heard through her use of past tense verbs. Evey in this voice over says, “I have witnessed firsthand the power of ideas, I have seen men kill in the name of them.” This indicates that the structure of the film is of a flashback from the present and the events that shaped the present. In other words Evey has already got to the point where she has realised the power of ideas and is telling the story of her realisation.
Costuming was a technique used and contrasted from the beginning of the text to the middle where the turning point occurs. The initial scene showing Evey introduces her to be a young woman trapped in hopeless surroundings. Her naivety and innocence is shown by her costuming which is feminine thus directly linking in with her innocence. The first time we as the viewer see her she is wearing a sophisticated black dress and her having long, curly hair. This greatly contrasted to the middle section of the text which showed her...


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