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This is a homework assignment from my algebra 2 class about two years ago. The reason that I chose this particular assignment is because it reminds me all of the hard work and dedication I put into this class. I was one of the few students who at that time decided to take two math classes. At the time others thought it was impossible or that it was too much to handle. Careless of what certain individuals had to say to me I took the chance. When taking the risk of two math classes because you needed one to excel in the other. I thus began my rigorous year of working.   Many students as I recall told me that the teacher didn’t check homework thoroughly. I on the other hand cared whether I did my homework or not. I knew I could get away with writing whatever I wanted on that white lined piece of paper. Yet it would be pointless to just write anything you want and get credit. It may sound odd as is why not you get credit and you haven’t done any of the work. Think of it this way where would it get you in life? What do you do when the test rolls around? What kind of person does it make you? These are the questions that began swimming through my head. In the end I did what was best for me. It means that even though he may not look at the work, but if you want to better yourself than you would do it. This is why I’m happy that I was able to challenge my self to a certain extent and pull it off. I managed to get a very well deserved grade in that class as well as realizing what I am capable of.


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