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Foundations of Architecture - Budhism

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Essay Part Foundations

Buddhism originated in India and has spread to Indonesia, Japan and China. Indian architecture is heavily reliant on religions of areas, it is easy to assume a religion simply by understanding the architecture. Simpler means of understanding religion, separated from every day life to establish a new faith.

Budha sitting under the bohdi tree, born an Indian prince and gave up his wife and child to become a hermit separated from life, he received nirvana by meditation under the bohdi tree. sacred ideas embedded in natural form.

The Buddhist Stupa established by disciples creating places to commemorate passing of Budhist, Stupa religious markers of the budha's valued locations. The stupa's formed a traditional practice of placing stones and earth over the graves of distinguished people evolved into the construction of a hemispherical form that incorporated the cosmological associations of a circle in plan, the world mountain and dome of the heavens and the vertical world axis. Circumambulating is very important, the rituals involved walking around the stupa chanting verses from scripture with a precession following whilst walking around in a clock wise direction, it this ritual of circumambulation remains central to budhist temple design.

The torn and walls are created high, and   the torana is arranged so then when approaching the Stupa you can not see directly into the stupa until once completely through the Torana. the walls are made very high s once within the walls you are separated from the earthly features found surrounding the stupa (hermit) you become separated from life, a different mental state with a quite mood and will understand the surrounding scupltures.

Torana - elaborate stone carved entrance gate to the stupa enclosure (verdika): two vertical pillars supporting 3 horizontal beams ends modelled as volutes representing the sacred scrolls
Vedika - stone fence enclosing the stupa.
harmika - square, fence like...


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