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Euthanasia Oral Presentation

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Euthanasia oral presentation
Have you ever contemplated your our own death?   Have you ever thought you may be in a catastrophic accident, paralysing you from the neck down?   Imagine being physically incapable of feeding yourself and being fed through a 9mm plastic tube inserted into your throat, faced with the inability to, bath yourself or occupying a toilet without required assistance. This thought may only come when you have no option but to just lay there, while the world moves around you. For many this is their predicament with families and friends being put through the gut retching experience of looking after a vegetable-like family member. Shouldnt people in this situation be given a choice about whether life is worth living in this way?
Have you ever contemplated how you would feel if you were dying from an illness that you knew was terminal?   Have you every wondered what it would be like to helplessly watch your body decaying around you? Dying from a terminal illness is not like in the movies and other than a few instantaneous accidental deaths, dying doesn’t take a few seconds.   Dying can take days, weeks or months. During those days, weeks and months, the dying person is very likely to suffer excruciating pain. This pain can be masked temporarily by addictive medications, but the pain is always present and as more organs shut down and death gets closer, the pain escalates beyond all controls. The sad truth is that most people in Australia will die addicted to pain medication, confused and afraid as their bodies slowly breakdown.  
Australians deserve to have a humane option to both of these real life possibilities, and the only humane option we currently have is Euthanasia.   Unfortunately, euthanasia is illegal and because of that illegality, the prospect of a murder charge faces anyone who tries to limit the timeframe a dying person spends suffering through the dying process. This needs to be changed...


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