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 Over the course of history various inventions have come about. Some of which having a greater impact on peoples lives more than others due to their convenience or features. One very essential electronic is a very simples rectangular small object. It can do many bewildering things. Due to its importance, the ipod is one very major invention because of its web, applications, and entertainment.
"Oh man, I left my laptop!" Well you wouldn’t say that with an ipod in your pocket. The ipod has internet like a laptop. It has many things you can do like maybe check your Facebook while waiting for your pestering loud bus. What if you’re a busy man in an office but you need to check your email. You could just simply take out your small ipod and use it. The ipod so amazing on the web and has many uses. For instance, maybe information in a project and you do it in just a few touches. Like the time I was in lunch and picked my science fair project at last minute.
    But of course the ipod is known widely for its applications. It has a tremendous exotic field of apps in any single type of subject you want. For example: you can use one a calling app and call nation wide free of charge. Another example would be texting, your ipod can temporarily be a cell phone too. The last and most important reason people use apps is entertainment. You could just simply tap the Aim app as quick as lightning and start chatting with your friends.
    The ipod can do many marvelous things like stream videos. With a few taps you can open your Youtube Player, and enjoy your video with joy while your favorite artist sings. As in that new Lady Gaga song you were waiting for so much. You could play an immense amount and variety of games. Like maybe you’re into arcade games, then get Pacman. Last, of course, would be it’s music system. You could save your favorite music and play it later. Like the new Escape The Fate Album coming out soon! Then download your song, put it in your ipod, and then...


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