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How Shakespeak Crafts the Character Brutus in Julius Caesar

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Harry Diem
Section 61
In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar William Shakespeare uses alliteration to craft Brutus as a noble man in order to suggest that he is a high ranking, well respected and honorable person.   Brutus is believed by many people such as Cassius that he is a high ranking man because he has a high status in Rome being one of Caesar’s closest and best men.   Brutus is well respected by many people.   Cassius, Casca, and Cinna thought with Brutus being well respected by many people that with Brutus in their group, them and their acts would be worthy to the people.   When Brutus and Cassius address a crowd of plebeians after the assassination of Caesar, Brutus answers the crowd that they can trust him and his honor.   These are three ways Brutus is crafted into a noble character.
The first reason why Brutus is a noble man is because of his high ranking status.   He has a very high position in the Roman government because of him being one of Caesar’s closest and best men he can trust.   Many thought highly of Brutus such as Cassius who wanted him to lead the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar.  
“I am glad that my weak words have struck but thus show of fire from Brutus”
Cassius thought that Brutus’s high ranking status in Rome made him a great choice to lead the conspirators.   This quote made by Cassius shows that Brutus is more highly than him.   Brutus being seen as high ranked by many people helps make him a noble man.
The second reason that makes Brutus a noble man is the respect many people have for him.   Cassius, Casca, and Cinna took advantage of the peoples’ great respect for Brutus.   They were talking about how with Brutus’s high status and respect many people would see them and their acts as worthy.   They wanted more respect and saw that Brutus could bring that.   Casca says that they could easily use Brutus for themselves.
“O, he sits high in all the people’s hearts, And that which would appear offense in us...


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