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Somerset Mougham Louise

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For example, “She had too much delicacy ever to make a direct statement, but with a hint and a sigh and a little flutter of her beautiful hands she was able to make her meaning plain”.
The story contains an abundance of stylistic devices. Especially often we can find the use of epithets and ironies. The great number of epithets such as gentle way of   hers; frail, delicate girl with large and melancholy eyes;   anxious adoration; dreadfully delicate; pathetic little smile; large blue eyes; plaintive smile, gentle smile, devilish woman etc. are used by author in order to show the appearance and to express some inner qualities of Louise.
There are a lot of instances of using ironies. Whole text is permeated with them. Let’s show some examples,
He gave up the games he excelled in, not because she wished him to, she was glad that he should play golf and hunt, but because by a coincidence she had a heart attack whenever he proposed to leave her for a day.
But who would want to be bothered with a wretched invalid like herself? Oddly enough more than one young man showed himself quite ready to undertake the charge and a year after Tom’s death she allowed George Hobhouse to lead her to the altar.
But at last she yielded as she always yielded, and he prepared to make his wife’s last few years as happy as might be.
‘Oh, well, you’ve been prepared for that for nearly twenty years now, haven’t you?’
With a sigh her mother let her do a great deal.
          She died gently forgiving Iris for having killed her.
These ironies express the narrator negative attitude to Louise. They are used in order to show that he (the narrator) doesn’t believe that Louse’s heart is so weak.
Also we can find some phraseologies, such as behind my back, her life hangs on a thread, I shall be at death’s door, stir a finger, heaven knows, to fly into a passion, Louise was as good as her word. The using of phraseologies in this text makes it emotionally expressive and rich.
Besides them, we...


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