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New Acceptance - Essay

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New Acceptance

She knew people were staring and talking, but she knew where she had to go and she kept walking down the dirty pathway covered in footprints. As she took her first steps into the Senior Administration, she saw all the unfamiliar adults nodding their heads with grins across their faces as though they had a knew spy, a new project they could use to get inside the students’ lives.
She was walked to her first class and immediately started to cry, she didn’t show it though, and she knew that is not the reputation she wanted, after all she had a bad enough reputation as it was.
The teacher welcomed her “Students this is Jane Smith, please make her feel welcome”.
Whilst the boys wolf whistled and nodded in happiness, meanwhile the girls whispered and talked about every little, nitty-gritty flaw. Katie knew she couldn’t do much to change her reputation, the word had already spread that she came from the local public school. They thought of her as scum, ferrel and a lower-class citizen. She did everything she could to keep a friendly but not too friendly smile as she was walked to her seat.
Katie knew just by the look of the girl, that she had been sat next to ‘The Queen-Bee’, the top girl, the popular girl. The new girl had a diamond bracelet with her name engraved on it, Brittany. She had to sit next to Brittany in every class. At ‘Golden Students College’ once, you entered your senior years from grade 10 onward, you had a seating plan and it never changed. The day went on with the same behaviour from other students. It was like a whole school game of ‘Chinese Whispers’. The problem was the message was changed, expanded and manipulated, so each person heard something else and had a different opinion on ‘the new girl’.
Katie went home and told her mum her day was great, even though it wasn’t; she knew her mum would be devastated if she wasn’t happy. The next morning, Katie put on her fake Diamond earring, instead of her cheap, ‘tacky’ studs; she...


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