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Since about the mid 1980’s there has been an ongoing discussion that has split opinions around the country; are video games hazardous to children? Recent surveys show that one in every three homes own some kind of video game system. It is a well-known fact that these systems are a popular pastime of the nations children, but are they doing more harm than good?

One of the major disadvantages of video games is time consumption. Studies show that the average American child spends about 10 hours a week playing video games. This is valuable time that could be spent on other, more important things. A lot of parents surveyed by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) reported that their children’s basic responsibilities around the house were some times left unattended because of video game play. This could lead to very frustrated parents and poor grades in school. Also, this time spent sitting and not exercising ca

Some people around the country think that video games are just “games” and are fine for kids. They state that games increase hand-eye coordination and logical thinking and creativity, but these are very lousy claims. Hand-eye coordination can be increased by many other activities other than video games. Sports are great activities that increase hand-eye coordination, as well as help children exercise. As far as logical thinking and creativity, there are hundreds of activities that will stimulate that process. Playing with puzzles, board games with family members, painting, even a rubrics cube would do the job, and who’s ever paid $1000 dollars for a rubrics cube? So, there are many alternatives to video games that are not only beneficial but also inexpensive.

Even though these game systems are a favored pastime of children, their time spent on them should be drastically reduced or cut out all together. Doing this would not only save a lot of money o

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