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Work and Social Assistance Act of the Netherlands

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Work and Social Assistance Act
Alternative solutions for the Netherlands

Students: Qushal Bansraj and Shabir Mahtab
Studentsnumbers: 09074708 and 09066705
Course: Policy Making Processes
Lecturer: Miss Vegelin
Date: 3-5-2010

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  1. Problems of the Work and Social Assistance Act  

1.1 Problems of the WSAA
1.2 Example of the existing problems of the Work and Social Assistance Act
1.3 Why is there a policy necessary
1.4 Which groups are experiencing the problems

  2. History of the Work and Social Assistance Act
2.1 History
2.2 Attempts made to deal with the problem
2.3 Similar existing policies
2.4 Debates on the existing policy
2.5 Which actors are most involved in debates

  3. What needs to be done to Solve the problems of the Work and Social Assistance Act

3.1 Why have previous policies failed
3.2 What needs to be done




The Dutch see themselves as country with a strong economy, low unemployment rates and   a healthy insurance policy compared to most countries in the world. Though, with the economic crisis and the negative effects that it has on employment, enthusiasm about the economy has descended. Little attention is paid by the general population to the minimum wages and the social assistance in the Netherlands which is strange due to the economic recovery in which the Netherlands is in now. The explanation for this can be found that the Netherlands became a social welfare state after the Second World War. Though, currently the Netherlands is less more a welfare state than it was thirty years ago still, it can be seen as one. Because the Netherlands is a welfare state the Dutch people see it as a normal thing to get social assistance once they lose their jobs.
Social Assistance is a good thing but it does not mean that the social assistance   policies in the Netherlands   are arranged as good as they could be. There are...


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