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Guidelines for the writing exam:

    • You will have to write either an article (opinion or pro&con article) or an essay (opinion or pro&con essay).
    • Remember that you’ll have two possible subjects from which to choose only one.
    • Your article/essay should have an introduction (one paragraph), main body (2 or 3 supporting paragraphs) and a clear conclusion (one paragraph). Separate your paragraphs clearly!!
    • A paragraph has a topic sentence (usually the first sentence) that summarises/includes the main idea of the paragraph. The topic sentence must be supported by well-organised, well-developed, relevant details. In order to be well-organised, you have to use connectors.
    • Remember that each opinion should be supported with arguments/examples
      DON’T use over-generalisation. The sentence: ‘all tourists destroy the environment’ is inappropriate and biased.
    • The introduction introduces the topic of the essay/article, states the thesis statement (what you will demonstrate in your essay/article) and leads naturally in the body of your essay/article. USE THE GUIDELINES FOR A GOOD INTRODUCTION – SEE YOUR HANDOUTS!
      DON’T start the argumentation in the introduction.
      It should be clear from the introduction whether you have a pro and con essay/article or an opinion article/essay.
    • In the conclusion you go back to the introduction and restate your thesis statement (you paraphrase it) and you offer some advice/food for thought. DON’T add any new arguments in the conclusion.
      In the conclusion you should restate/reemphasise your opinion if you had to write an opinion article/essay. If you had a pro and con essay/article, you should emphasise again both aspects (negative and positive) of the topic discussed.

      REMEMBER that an article is conversational, addresses the reader directly, uses questions, uses verbs in the imperative, and is semi-formal or neutral. It may have a catchy title and even sub-headings....


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