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The Importance of Doing Social Work in Country

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overnight marinated lamb/chicken - with yogurt, herbs, spices, dried fruits like raisins, prunes or pomegranate seeds - and later cooked in Tandoor/Tanoor oven. It was served with steamed rice.[2]
In its more original form, in some cities the dish is known as "Dam Pukht/Dam-pukhtak". The compound in Persian means "steam-cooked"—a reference to the steamed rice that forms the basis of the dish. This name is still in common use in Iran besides "biryani". In Southeast Asian countries such as Burma/Myanmar this older, general Persian term is in common use as 'danpauk'.
In city of Isfahan, Iran a kind of Biryani is made with cooked mutton or lamb that is stewed then minced separately and then grilled in special small round shallow pans in the oven or over the fire. The burgers are generally served, with powdered cinnamon, in a local bread, usually "nan-e taftoon" but also sometimes "nan-e sangak".

[edit] Iraqi Biryani

Al Biryani is one of many famous dishes from the traditional Iraqi kitchen.[3] It is widespread in Iraq as well as many other middle eastern countries. It is also very popular and considered a staple cuisine throughout the Kurdish territories.[4] Different variations of biryani can be found in the different regions of iraq. It is believed that the cooking style of "Dum" or "cooking in steam" style of cooking has its origins in Arabia. Many Historians also believe that this is the origin of Biryani.[5] Typically with Iraqi biryani the rice is usually saffron based with either lamb or chicken being the meat or poultry of choice. Iraqi biryani is usually quite mild in terms of its spicyness when compared to its south-east Asian variants. Some variations include vermicelli or mixed nuts and raisins spread liberally over the rice. There also exists various variations of biryani in India today such as Calicut or Malabar which had been brought to south east Asia and India through Arab sailors via the Arabian Sea.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]



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