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Christmas in My Aunt Margot's House

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I can remember well my last Christmas. My family decided to celebrate it in my aunt Margot’s house. She is a very bad-tempered old woman, but she always gives us many presents and some money. Although she is quite aged, she often wears the latest styles and a lot of make-up.

She lives in Madrid, so we had to make a long travel in car. The morning of the 23rd, my mother was preparing the luggage while my father was putting it inside the car. In that moment my brother and I were calling our friends to tell them that this Christmas we were outside. During the travel, we were singing Christmas carols when, suddenly, we got a puncture. Fortunately, we had a spare wheel. My mother was helping my father while he was changing the punctured wheel.

We were falling asleep when we finally arrived. Aunt Margot was waiting for us when we arrived at night. She was wearing a long dark dress and the house was very clean and tidy, as it normally is. Her hair was full of hairspray and she wore a lot of jewelry.

That night we had dinner with her and we slept in the guest’s rooms. I was sleeping when I woke up because I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamt that I was falling asleep when a clown started to follow me. When he almost catches me, I woke up. I hate clowns so it took me some time to get asleep again. I imagined my bad-tempered aunt after the clown, it was very funny and it helped me to relax.

The next day in the afternoon, the rest of the family arrived while I was having a shower and my brother was getting dressed. All the family was there! Then, some of them were preparing the dinner while others were putting the Christmas lights in the living room. The dinner was delicious. At the end of the night aunt Margot gave 30€ to each child! What a happy night! The next day we came back to Malaga, but this time, we didn’t have any problems.

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