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English Literature History

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Revision 5.11
    1. What is the full name of the United Kingdom?
    2. What is the name of the highest mountain in Great Britain?   What is the Scottish name for an inlet of water created when a glacier melts? What is the largest city in Scotland?
    3. What is the capital of Wales?
    4. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
    5. The English Channel joins what two bodies of water?
    6. Why is the weather in the United Kingdom much warmer than other places of the same latitude?
    7. What is the longest river in Great Britain?
    8. When was oil discovered in the North Sea?
    9. The Royal Union Flag is made up of three crosses, what are they called?
    10. What is the national anthem of the United Kingdom?
    11. Why isn’t Wales represented on the Union Jack?
    12. Around 3000BC which people from the lands around the Mediterranean Sea sailed up to the West Coast and settled the island?
    13. What were the names of the three groups of Celts that arrived in Great Britain?
    14. When the Romans first attempted to colonise Great Britain, who was the emperor of Rome?
    15. What was the name of the wall built across the island by the Romans?
    16. What was the purpose of the wall?
    17. Who invaded when the Romans left?
    18. The island was divided into seven kingdoms, what was this called?
    19. What was the title of the leader of the church in Great Britain?
    20. In 829AD who became the first King of England?
    21. Where were the Vikings from?
    22. When did the Danes rule England?
    23. What year did the Battle of Hastings take place?
    24. Where was Normandy?
    25. What was the name of the book that became the first census of England?
    26. What was the name of the document that became the basis for the modern English constitution?
    27. What was the name of the king who signed that document?
    28. The first parliament was created under which king?
    29. When did ‘The Black...


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