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How to String an Guitar

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After you remove the old strings and pull out the bridge pins, follow this process to restring your acoustic guitar. Drop the ball end of the new string in the bridge hole and replace the pin. Second Pull the new string until you feel the ball end come up against the bottom of the bridge pin.Tug on the string to make sure the pin doesn't pop out, but make sure not to crease the string as you grip it for tugging.3. Insert the string end through the appropriate tuning post hole.4. Crease the string at the top of the tuning-post hole toward the inside of the guitar (away from the tuning key).For the three lower in pitch strings, kink the string to the right as you face the guitar; for the three higher strings, kink to the left.5. Turn the tuning key so the string wraps around the post.6. As you turn the key and wind the string around the post, make sure that the string coils from the top of the post downward toward the headstock surface.The string may want to flop around as you start to coil the string, so use your other hand to control it.7. Keep turning the tuning key.As you do this, the coils around the post tighten, the slack in the string disappears, and the string begins to produce a recognizable musical pitchBe sure that the string is inside the appropriate nut slot before the string becomes too taut to manipulate it further.8. Bring the string up to the proper pitch by turning the tuning key slowly.9. Clip away the excess string sticking out of the tuning post.


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