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A Raison in the Sun-Descriptive Writing

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A Raison in the Sun – Descriptive Writing
My Home

The Smith family home brings a sense of comfort to all. The big spruce tree in the front yard gives a feeling of protection from the outside world. Inside through the front door, is the living room. It is designed for company. The couches are arranged in a circular form around a T.V. that screams “watch me!” Persian rugs line the floor and feel soft to the soles of the feet. In the night when the sun is gone, the chandelier adds a soft glow to the area.
The smell of homemade dinner allures all to the kitchen. Four cereal boxes line the top of the fridge, one for every family member’s personal preference. The soft wood cabinets are overstocked with foods and supplies. The day’s newspaper can be found on the kitchen table. Inside the family room, the couches are more worn from daily use. The T.V. is always on, either CNN or The Food Network. On one side of the big table resides textbooks and on the other, office/paperwork. A flower bouquet is set in the middle, as if to distract away from the clutter. The open blinds of the windows bringing in lots of light from the sun. The room’s lights are never turned on. Long ago, the room was part of a patio, now, its bustling with use.
Leading up the long driveway sits the garage. It’s filled with junk, spiders, and dust. The door creaks when opened and when the lights turn on, everything screams “CLEAN ME!” To the right is the big, unused backyard. A broken picnic tables sits at one side and the fence is lined with rose trees. On the far left side is the mini vegetable patch. The yard is fresh, with the bright green grass and the open sky above.


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