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The Rpg Story

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Ben O’Neil 11/6/07

The RPG Story

In the land of Archwontok, there lived a battle mage named Mandroth. Mandroth showed chivalry (n courtesy, honorableness, bravery) when he and a tauren, named Thunderfist, entered a cave inhabited by giant spiders and goblins. It all started when Mandroth and Thunderfist entered the cave. Coming to an intersection, the two did not know which way to go. They turned down a path so thin that you would have to walk in a lateral (adj sideways) manner in order to fit through it. As they began walking towards the chosen path, they heard a low rumble. The rumble turned into a squall (n violent windstorm) with sand and rocks whipping around everywhere. The squall was followed by a group of giant spiders stampeding towards Mandroth and Thunderfist. Noticing that the path was somehow covered in grass, Mandroth shot a small blast of fire at the ground, which in turn started a raging blaze. The cave lit up and before the flames consumed everything, the two ran outside. While the cave was destroyed, so was the group of spiders that started the squall. Mandroth and Thunderfist gingerly made their way through the fiery rubble. As they made their way through the ruins, Thunderfist and Mandroth noticed a small indent in the left wall. The two saw a treasure chest which they thought was filled with gold. Knowing that their certitude (n assurance, sureness, conviction) would prove them right, they opened up the chest. When they did all they saw was emptiness except for twenty large viles. The two each took half of the viles and began their trek again. As they were going to walk away, Mandroth came up with a brilliant idea. The idea was to fill the viles with the venom of the dead spiders. Thunderfist handed his bronze dagger over to Mandroth, who cut a small slit into the spiders head. Opening it up a little wider, Mandroth insinuated (v hint, suggest, imply) that he had found the venom sacs by nodding his head in confirmation. Cutting...


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