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Hiding and Showing Forms in C

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Hiding and Showing Forms in C#
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|C# Events and Event       |                                                                             |Creating Top-Level Menus |
|Parameters               |                                                                             |in C#                     |


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When developing a Windows application using C# it is a fairly safe bet to assume that it will consist of multiple forms (otherwise known as windows). It is unlikely, however, that all of those forms will need to be displayed as soon as the application starts up. In fact, it is more likely that most of the forms will remain hidden until the user performs some action that requires a form to be displayed.

In this chapter we will cover the topic of hiding and showing forms when developing applications in C#.

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| [hide]                                                         |                                                                 |
|1 Creating a C# Application Containing Multiple Forms           |                                                                 |
|2 Understanding Modal and Non-modal Forms                       |                                                                 |
|3 Writing C# Code to Display a Non-Modal Form                   |                                                                 |
|4 Writing C# Code to Display a Modal Form                       |                                                                 |
|5 Hiding Forms in C#                                             |                                                                 |
|6 Closing Forms in...


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