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Personal Ethics vs. Organizational Ethics

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Personal Ethics vs. Organizational Ethics
This paper examines the factors that affect personal and organizational ethics and how they impact employee behavior.   It also describes how a company’s policies and procedures can impact the ethics of the company.   The policies and procedures are what give guidance to the decisions employees make.   Therefore, it is important for companies to carefully structure their policies and procedures to be in line with the company’s ethical standards.

1. Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics.
  Personal differences can impact organizational ethics in numerous ways.   Employees may have personal differences based on their upbringing, their social development, their moral intelligence, how the occurrence will affect them personally, as well as how they view the world and their level of concern for others.   All these factors come into play to determine how people will behave and how they make decisions.   These factors combined become the system of moral principles that govern what people believe to be appropriate conduct for themselves or others.   These moral principles are essentially what is meant by ethics.
  With employees from diverse backgrounds it can be hard for a company to know or control what types of decisions employees make.   Each employee brings their own personal morals and ethics to the workplace.   Daily, they make decisions that could impact the organization.   Personal ethics affect how each individual makes decisions.   Therefore, the decisions each employee makes can and will impact the overall ethics of the company.   If an employee has different moral or ethical standards than the organization and makes a decision based on their own personal beliefs, it could be contrary to the organizations’ ethics.   Employee decisions can have major affects either positively or negatively on the companies’...


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