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There is one word that makes us quiver in our knees and still allows us to have frustration. This word is not love it is destiny. When we are told that what we to in life is part of destiny, one wonders if our life is really in our control, are we just part of some cosmic game or are we individuals that rule our own life. Is there line in what we are meant to do and what we want to do?

In life we make the choices that best suite our situation and us. Sometimes we wonder does everyone have a purpose, is our existence bent on the tasks we need to accomplish so that life may continue? Do we need a purpose for living?
I believe that everything has a reason of being, that every choice that we make affects our future and the future of ours. Be it the smallest choice of ice cream to the largest choice of creation. We are all meant for something.

But our destiny is scary notion. Hearing that doing this or that is our destiny, what say do we have in our own lives? Being pre-destined for something is saying that we do not have a choice in what we do and who we are and want to be. Now this may sound contradictory between fulfilling our purpose and our destiny but when you differentiate between the two it is not.

Fulfilling our purpose is doing the things that present meaning in our lives. Purpose is accomplishing the tasks that we set out to do; we make the choice that we feel will be good for the future. It may be for the future of others, but the end goal is to better ourselves. Purpose gives our lives meaning; it allows us to have the chance to do something with our lives.

Destiny works in a completely different manner. To be pre-destined is to have to do the things that others have decided that you should do. Destiny is the task made out to you before your existence. The belief of destiny is that there is no choice in matter at hand, all that there is, is to complete the duty that you are meant for, the mission that you were born for.



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